Activities: Dive and Surf

Activities: Dive and Surf

Dive & Surf

Excellent Diving and Surf on All Routes

We offer cruises between Labuan Bajo and Bira in December and in March/April.

We offer our guests the chance to Dive and Surf on route around Lombok, Gili Islands, Moyo, Sumbawa, and Komodo National Park. Please let us know what level you are. We offer Diving and Surfing as additional services. Extra charge applies. Scuba diving programs and PADI courses are available on request during our cruises. We are happy to provide you with a Tailor made itinerary for a private charter for groups up to 8 passengers.

Dive Sites


Scuba diving around the Gili Islands is rather nice but nothing spectacular if you compare to other places in Indonesia like Moyo Island, Komodo or Sulawesi. The current is generally very gentle and the visibility often good, offering perfect conditions for beginner divers. The waters around the Gilis are full of turtles and if you are lucky, it is also possible to encounter various other larger reef visitors. The less popular Southern Gili Islands around Sekotong offer an uncrowned alternative for relaxed reef diving. The reefs are full of bright soft corals and colorful crinoids, which harbor an amazing variety of rare marine life. We dive here during our West Lombok Cruises.


Lying between the islands of Komodo to the east and Lombok to the west, Sumbawa Island is visited as part of the itineraries of our Sunda Island Cruises cruises that run to and from Komodo Island.

Sumbawa scuba diving is often mistakenly overlooked as just a convenient port of call onto the better dive sites that are further to the east. However, Sumbawa features excellent dive sites and has its own vast schools of numerous triggerfish, butterfly fish, trevallies and tunas in the deep walled sections.

The vibrant vertical walls of the outer reefs of Moyo Island are festooned with sponges and soft corals. The visibility is usually very good, so watch out in the blue for hunting pelagic fish and reef sharks as they race past you.

Allied to this are the topside visual attractions of volcanoes and bat colonies, and you’ll soon have enough reasons to plunge deep and explore the underwater tapestry of Sumbawa.


Geologically, Komodo Island and Rinca belong to Flores and separated from Sumbawa to the west by almost 300m meters deep Sape Strait The many islands and relatively shallow seas between Flores and Komodo’s west coast mean fast currents at tidal changes, especially when the higher tidal waters of the Pacific Ocean in the north flow through into the Indian Ocean to the south. The upwellings from the deep surrounding seas bring nutrients and plankton to keep these waters rich and well-fed, which makes perfect conditions for some spectacular scuba diving.

Komodo National Park offers just about every type of tropical scuba diving imaginable – from warm, calm and colourful shallow reefs alive with hundreds of colourful reef fishes and crammed with invertebrates, to current-swept deep cool water sea mounts, walls and pinnacles patrolled by sharks, tunas and other pelagic fish. Komodo National park offers suitable dive-sites for all levels.

Dive sites we frequently visit during our cruises include: Banta Island, Crystal Rock, Siabar Besar, Gili Lawa Dara, Golden Passage,Batu Bolong, Sebayor and Maskassar Manta Reef.

South Sulawesi

It is a great, uncommonly cruised area with extraordinary variety diving sites. The Islands around South Sulawesi feature unique set of culture, remote white sand beaches, waterfalls and untouched coral reefs.

The 75km long Selayar Islands features some of the best wall diving Indonesia has to offer. Around the white sand beaches and turquoise waters of the Take Bone Rate Atoll, the third biggest Atoll Reef in the world, there is a good chance to snorkel and dive with large pelagics, such as Marbel and Manta Rays. A variety of good dive sites can also be found around our home port Bira, where our crews’ families live and the fascinating construction of traditional wooden boats has a long tradition.

We offer cruises between Labuan Bajo and Bira in December and in March/April.

Customizing Itinerary

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