Komodo Cruise

4 Days

Marine National Park and Dragon Adventure
Our Komodo Cruise is specially designed for those who are either already exploring Flores or who only have a limited time in Indonesia and are keen to see the dragons. The cruise departs and arrives at Labuan Bajo Harbour, a small port in west Flores. The costs of flights and taxi transportation to and from there are not included in the cost of the cruise. This is what you’ll enjoy on our Komodo Cruise:


Day 1

Labuan Bajo - Sebayor Island

We depart Labuan Bajo harbor around midday and sail to Sebayor Island. The diving here is nice and easy and there is plenty to see and enjoy to kick off your first dive of the trip. The snorkeling is excellent too as the lagoon above the reef have pretty coral gardens with colorful fish, sponges, Napolean wrasse, groupers and much more. We will spend the first night here, and if there is a chance we will set up a barbecue to welcome the first sunset on your adventure ahead.

Day 2

Rinca Island - Komodo Dragons - Gili Lawa Darat

We depart for Rinca island early in the morning to visit the Komodo Dragons. Rinca Ranger Station and Komodo Island itself are the only places where these fascinating giant lizards can be found. After a two-hour guided walk around the dragon’s territory we then cruise to Gili Lawa Darat. On the eastern point of the bay is a dive and snorkeling site which is often full of rays including mantas. In the afternoon you have the choice to relax onboard with a good book or if you’re up for it, you have the possibility to go on a short adventurous hike on one of the small islands to watch the sunset. Please listen to the crew when they say it’s time to go home as the tides go down quickly.
Day 3

Gili Lawa Laut - Kanawa Island

For ocean lovers you will want to explore the Crystal Bommie off Gili Lawa Laut. This is an undersea mountain that just about reaches the surface. The current breaks on the eastern or western tip of the mountain and attracts huge numbers of predatory pelagic fish including giant trevally, oceanic white tip sharks, rainbow runners and barracuda. The bommie has a sheltered coral garden in the lee of the summit which has a very fishy coral garden that’s one of the best in Indonesia. In the afternoon we’ll head to Kanawa Island, which is one of the area’s greatest treasures with pristine beaches.
Day 4

Kanawa Island - Labuan Bajo

We’ll make our way back to Labuan Bajo, calling at one or two of the many islands along the way for a swim or a snorkel. This depends of course if our guests need to catch a flight in the morning or not. You’ll get off the boat at Labuan Bajo Harbour. If you need a taxi to be arranged don’t hesitate to ask the crew to help find one. Otherwise if you’re looking to stay at a hotel, there are some pleasant and affordable accommodations available with great views of the harbour.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to unexpected weather circumstances the proposed route can alter without prior notice. Especially programs around the Komodo islands as the currents are very strong and our schedule depends on the tides.

Customizing Itinerary

 To discuss crafting the ultimate Private Yacht Charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@bluewatercruises.com.

This itinerary may change as a result of sea, weather, and technical conditions. The master of the vessel has responsibility for the safety of the ship and it’s passengers and has the right and obligation under international maritime law to change the itinerary to safeguard safety.

Come join us on a once in a life time journey, one you will remember forever!

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