Lombok Moyo Cruise

Explore Indonesia’s Rich Nature & Marine life​

4 Days + 3 Nights

Visit unpopular islands, pristine waterfalls, beautiful remote beaches and lush jungles. Jump right off the boat and into the refreshing water for some excellent snorkelling or diving. Meet traditional villages, take a ride on a horse cart, see goats running freely, and a colony of bats flying high above you, and so much more!

Departure and arrival: Mentigi Bay, north Lombok


Day 1

Mentigi Bay - Gili Islands

Check in starts at midday from Mentigi Beach in North Lombok. Guests can jump in the water by the beautiful bay before we serve lunch on board. 

We then set off to cruise to the white sand beaches of the Gili Islands 🌴🌴🌴. This will take approximately 30 minutes and afterwards guests can hop on the dinghy to explore the island or the underwater world of colourful reefs. 

Depending on the tides, we will set cruise to Moyo island in Sumbawa during sunset and journey through the night.

Day 2

moyo island

Moyo Island is one of our most loved destinations because it gives you a glimpse of life in a simple seaside village, with virtually no roads. We arrive at Moyo as the sun rises. We moor off shore off Labuan Haji village. The island also has a big nature reserve.

After breakfast you can pick one of two waterfalls to explore on the island. The nearest, about a 10 minute walk, is a waterfall where you can swing like Tarzan from strong vines and jump into the water. The other waterfall is a little further, you can ask a local to drive you there with a motorbike through the forest path. This waterfall has mesmerising turquoise pools.

After lunch we spend half an hour cruising to Angel Reef where there is a colourful coral garden which has wonderful snorkelling. There is also a 40m wall that offers great diving for the underwater explorers.

It is also possible to visit Satonda island, an eerie and magical place with a sunken volcano crater lake, surrounded by jungle.

Day 3

Keramat Island

Early in the morning we will depart to Keramat Island. Guests can swim, snorkel, and walk around the island. Here, we can prepare a BBQ on the beautiful beach. During sunset guests can also enjoy stunning views of Mount Rinjani in Lombok, and watch thousands of fruit bats 🦇 flying to the mango forests in Sumbawa. 

Then we cruise to Lombok overnight.

Day 4

Mentigi Bay

We will arrive back in Mentigi Bay late in the morning. Breakfast will be served on board and guests are free to enjoy their last swim or snorkel off the boat.

Customizing Itinerary

 To discuss crafting the ultimate Private Yacht Charter around your individual preferences, please enquire below or email us at: info@bluewatercruises.com.

This itinerary may change as a result of sea, weather, and technical conditions. The master of the vessel has responsibility for the safety of the ship and it’s passengers and has the right and obligation under international maritime law to change the itinerary to safeguard safety.

Come join us on a once in a life time journey, one you will remember forever!

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